What To Do Before Picking Out Quartz Counters

By 17 March 2013Genel

Renovating your kitchen can feel like an overwhelming task. There are many decisions you need to make and a lot of work involved. Whether you are renovating for your own enjoyment or to increase your home’s value on the market, planning out this renovation can be challenging. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to make everything much more simple and methodical. The following tips can help you make decisions and complete your renovation much faster.

Tip #1: Make A List

Start by grabbing a pen and paper or opening your favorite note-taking app. Before you start your list, think about the problems you have with your pre-renovation kitchen. Do you hate the lighting? Is your floor falling apart? Are your cabinets woefully out of date? Jot down each problem you have with your kitchen and brainstorm possible solutions. This one activity can help you get organized and may help you make certain stylistic choices. Writing things down also reduces the risk that you will forget an important step.

If you opt for the pen and paper method, keep the list in an easy to find, central location. Some homeowners put together a renovation binder, and store this handy list in the front pocket. This is a great way to hang on to all your renovation materials and keep track of your to-dos without searching all over the house.

Tip #2: Shop From A Reputable Retailer

Before you decide on the quartz countertop that is right for you, look around for a reputable retailer. Avoid buying a countertop online without seeing it in person first. Visiting a showroom helps you take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of the sales staff. In many cases, you are able to bring home samples to give you an idea of what the countertop will look like in your home.

Look for a retailer with a few years of experience in the industry. Consumers should always conduct a bit of research into manufacturers and retailers before committing to any major purchase. Check the company’s website, search online for reviews, and always consult your area’s Chamber of Commerce to be sure there are no unresolved complaints.

Tip #3: Decide Which Aspect Of Your Renovation You Are Looking Forward To The Most

Think about which aspect of your renovation you are looking forward to the most. For example, do you hate your countertops? If so, you may be incredibly eager to install your new quartz ones. In this situation, your new counters are your first priority. As a result, you should start your renovation project by tracking down the perfect quartz counters. By focusing on an element that you are excited to see you can avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Tip #4: Create A Color Scheme Around That One Aspect

Figuring out your most anticipated aspect of these renovations can help you make almost every other decision, including color scheme. For example, if you cannot wait to see new quartz countertops, you can easily base each subsequent decision on the type of quartz you choose. Examine the surface of the quartz for secondary colors. Look for flooring and cabinets that compliment these shades rather than work against them. This simple activity brings your kitchen a coherent, uniform appearance without looking too cheesy or bathed in one single shade.

Picking flooring and cabinets is much easier when you have a color scheme in mind. It is also easier to choose more minor aspects. You should ensure that your dish cloth, towels, and other accessories compliment the quartz countertops. It is also a good idea to find countertop items such as a coffee maker or toaster in complimentary shades.

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